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The Mahindra S10 Pikup 2018-2019 is a 2002 vehicle!
DPGZA™ Durban Poison Group (ZA) South Africa. Durban Poison Organization. With thanks to President Nelson Mandela & The Dagga Party!
Sunday Times Magazine 31 December 2017
With thanks to President Nelson Mandela who wisdom, understanding & knowledge surpassed time & space.
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15 leading Biotech firms.

You & I can now trade in any commodity including cannabis, cement & coal in any quantity.

You & I can now trade in commodities including cannabis, cement or coal in quantities of your choosing. The web has enabled you & I to buy stocks or socks directly at a fraction of the cost enabling you & I to venture into territories once reserved for a handful of organizations. Now we are bringing the same opportunities & economics of scale making it all possible © Comex420™

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4x4 Driving Tips!

4x4 Driving Tips!

For the 4x4 enthusiasts! 

It happens to all of us once in a while. You're driving along in your big 4x4 with a decent set of tyres and you're overtaken by this yearning to veer off the beaten track and take to the hills. Let’s face it, it’s the natural thing to do. However, off-road is no place to be if you don’t know how to handle yourself and your vehicle. There are several basic things you should be aware of before you set off 


April 24, 2018 — Durban Poison


May 01, 2017 — Durban Poison

Read: It is now (almost) legal to use Dagga in your home, High Court rules.

Yip, that’s right, the ruling means that the possession, cultivation and use of dagga at home for private use, is now allowed. The court also ruled that Parliament has 24 months to change certain sections of the Drug Trafficking Act, as well as the Medicines Control Act.

News24 reports that the application to decriminalise dagga was brought to the court by Dagga Party leader Jeremy Acton and Rastafarian Garreth Prince. The pair argued to the court on December 13th and 14th last year in favour of the drug’s decriminalisation. Aside from Acton and Prince 18 other plaintiffs applied to the court to have certain sections of the Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act, declared unconstitutional.

April 12, 2017 — Durban Poison